From Penn and Teller's "How To Play With Your Food", here's the perfect recipe for someone who's cynical about Valentine's day. "As your guests sip their coffee, you unveil a glistening pink gelatin heart on a pedestal cake stand. Then you whip out a carving knife and stab it."
Bleeding Heart Gelatin Dessert

Bleeding Heart Gelatin Dessert

4 cups boiling water
12 oz. Jell-O, peach (flesh) or strawberry (internal organ)
4 envelopes unflavored gelatin
1 can (12 oz) unsweetened evaporated milk
1/2 cup grenadine syrup
1 cup light corn syrup
red food coloring, small bottle (0.3 oz)
blue food coloring, 3 drops
1 1-gallon plastic food storage bag (plain, without zipper)

Dissolve gelatins (unflavored and Jell-O) in boiling water.
Cool to room temperature.  (Penn and Teller emphasize that this
step is very important.  And you'd better listen to them.  This
is their recipe, not Chef Andy's!) Stir in condensed milk.
Pour enough of the mixture into your handy heart-shaped Jell-O
mold to cover half-an-inch of the bottom.  Place mold in
refrigerator to chill, and reserve remaining liquid at room

Mix together corn syrup, grenadine, and food colorings.  Turn
food storage bag inside out and fill with syrup mixture.  
Expell all air from bag; twist bag closed and tie shut by
knotting it.  Cut off excess plastic.

When gelatin mixture in mold has firmed, place blood bag on
top of it, making certain that there is at least 3/4" of
space between bag and all sides of the mold.  You don't want
your guests guessing the secret!  Pour reserved gelatin mixture
over bloodbag.  You needn't cover bloodbag completely; the top
of the mold will become the bottom of the dessert when it's
removed from the mold.

Chill until completely set, about 4 hours.  Turn out of mold
onto serving platter.  (See tips)  To serve, present to guests
and allow them sufficient time to admire your fine craftsmanship.
Then whip out your gigantic Psycho-remake-style butcher knife,
stab it in the middle, and twist to open the wound and let
the yummy sweet blood flow out.  Top slices of heart with
blood sauce

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