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Welcome! Looking for a shortcut to the Jell-O recipes on this site? Here you go...This page indexes all the recipes. Have fun, and maybe you'll discover something you haven't eaten in twenty years!

  • Apple Cheese Salad
    By request from a reader. A tangy, satisfying mold to serve as a side salad or a luncheon entree. For a heartier meal, try the tuna version.
  • Avocado Strawberry Ring
    It's a delight to serve a light green and vivid red delicacy!
  • Bavarian Desserts
    Versatile -- use it plain, add fruit or cubed gelatin, or layer two flavors. Substituting a mixture of fruit juice and whipped cream or dessert topping mix in place of the usual water gives Bavarian desserts a luscious, creamy texture.
  • Bleeding Heart Dessert
    For the cynical among us, Penn and Teller provide this creamy gelatin dessert with a surprise inside.
  • Birthday Surprise
    A shimmering, colorful ring of gelatin filled with ice cream can replace the traditional cake.
  • Cherry Rice Fluff
    A unique confection of rice, canned cherries, almond extract, and Jell-O.
  • Cherry Coke Salad
    Bing cherries, Coke (or port wine), cream cheese, and mayonaise!
  • Citrus Chiffon Pie
    By request from a reader
  • Cinnamon Candy Salad
    Cherry Jell-O, cinnamon candies, apples and nuts.
  • Citrus Surprise
    A citrus mold that's delicious and versatile. It's even good for breakfast!
  • Crown Jewel Dessert
    A spectacular dessert that fits busy schedules -- the gelatin for cubes may be made one day, remainder of dessert can wait until the next day.
  • Cream-topped peaches
    Sweet tangy gelled cream cheese atop a base of canned peaches.
  • Divinity Pastels
    Lovely candies, that are flavored and colored with fruit flavor gelatin.
  • Fig Jam
    Fake strawberry jam, made from figs and strawberry Jell-O!
  • Finger Jell-O
    Eat this Jell-O right from your hand! Extra unflavored gelatin makes it even stiffer that Jell-O Jigglers
  • Frosty Strawberry Pie
    One of the most popular pies ever created -- a delightful blend of fruit flavor gelatin, ice cream, and fruit.
  • Frozen Pops
    Here's an easy-to-make version of the popular frozen treat all children enjoy.
  • Fruit Pie Unlimited
    Your favorite gelatin flavors and fruits can dictate the ingredients.
  • Ginger Fruit Mold
    Ginger ale and candied ginger add distinctive flavors to these fruits.
  • Grasshopper Pie
    A gourmet's delight that can be a busy homemaker's specialty.
  • Icebox Pudding
    From 1953, chilled pudding served up in a crust of crumbled cookies.
  • Ice Cream Party Dessert
    By request from a reader. An ice cream and gelatin mixture for a special occasion.
  • Jell-O Cookies
    Jell-O adds fruit flavor and pastel color to these sugar cookies.
  • Jell-O Jelly
    By request from a reader. Amazing fruit-flavored jelly to use as a spread on bread or crackers!!
  • Jell-O Jigglers
    By request from a reader. The classic recipe!
  • Jell-O Icing
    By request from a reader. The perfect topping for Poke Cake.
  • Jell-O Whipped Cream
    A lovely pastel topping to grace your molds and puddings.
  • Key Lime Pie.
    A luscious, delightful pie that was created in the Florida Keys, where limes grow big and juicy.
  • Coconut Strawberries (Marzipan)
    A sweet paste of coconut and almonds, to be shaped into delightful miniature fruits!
  • Meathead
    An utterly repulsive Halloween centerpiece, where a layer of red Jell-O surrounds a plastic skull, covered by a skin of fresh cold-cuts which guests peel off one-by-one to make sandwiches.
  • Milk Sherbet
    By request from a reader. You'll find a delicious, easy-to-make sherbet handy for all occasions.
  • Party Salad
    A true classic! Brilliant white curds of cottage cheese mingle with the glowing red maraschino cherries and chunks of Pinapple in a bed of Lemon-Lime Jell-O!
  • Patriotic Pie
    Red, white, and blue, for the Fourth of July! A creamy white sour-cream cheesecake filling enfolds cheerful red and blue Jell-O cubes, all nestled into a graham-cracker crust.
  • Pink Party Dessert
    No one will ever suspect you're using left-over angel cake for a party!
  • Pineapple Cheese Dessert
    A creamy, no-bake cheesecake, glazed with pineapple.
  • Pinapple Cheese Molds
  • Pistachio Pudding Cake
    Cake made with pistachio pudding...Just the thing for St. Patrick's day!
  • Poke Cake
    A true classic. Jell-O seeps into holes punched in a cake.
  • Popcorn Balls
    Jell-O adds color and flavor to this traditional treat.
  • Pudding Pops
    No gelatin in this one. But frozen pudding on a stick is always popular with the young and young-at-heart!
  • The New Red Green Mold
    Two layers of colorful gelatin, with the tang of sour cream!
  • Rainbow Cake
    Five flavors of whipped gelatin form this colorful, spectacular dessert.
  • Rhubarb Dump Cake
    Made with rhubarb, cake mix, and minature marshmallows. And of course, Jell-O!
  • Ribbon Salad
    "Tie Up" your meal with a lovely and delicious ribbon of gelatin!
  • Ring-Around-The-Fruit
    A bright, clear gelatin ring frames a whipped cream and fruit mixture.
  • Ring-Around-the-Tuna
    A beautiful jewel-like entree salad for your luncheon or buffet table.
  • Savory Spinach Salad
    A delicious dark green salad to highlight meals and delight diners.
  • Strawberry Pretzel Jell-O
    Like a strawberry cheesecake, but with the surprise of pretzels!
  • Supreme Dessert
    An elegant dessert to serve in your best stemware on special occasions.
  • Tang Pie
    A light, creamy confection of artifical orange and vanilla flavors, with a delightful pale orange glow.
  • Under-The-Sea Salad
    By request from a reader. Pears and cream cheese lie beneath a clear sea-green layer after unmolding.
  • Vegetable Salad
    Your favorite vegetables can be used in this very versatile salad.
  • Waldorf Salad
    By request from a reader
  • Watergate Salad
    Two recipies from readers. Both involve pistachio pudding!
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