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Weird Links!

Chef Andy made an appearance on NPR's Weekend Edition story, "Jello-O, Still Breaking the Mold" on Sunday, August 21st, 2005! If you missed the original broadcast, there's an audio link on the NPR page.

Like this? Try these! If you enjoy Chef Andy's (ahem) "taste" in recipes, you'll like the following websites! Click and enjoy!

  • The Gallery of Regrettable Food is truely in a class by itself! Rightwing kook James Lileks sure has a sense of humor. Be sure to explore his chronicle of the decline of western civilization via Jell-O Ads! Oh, and it would be nice if you bought a copy of the book through Amazon, so Chef Andy gets his referral kickback!
  • Jello-O: A Biography includes a guest appearance by Chef Andy. (Check out page 53)
  • Historian Robert Topper points out that the precursor to Jell-O, "lemon table jelly," was actually invented by Peter Cooper in 1845, and provides a history of Jell-O.
  • Recipelink provides dessert recipes and an excellent general recipe site.
  • Flora's Kitchen is a nice recipe and entertainment site, with a very personal feeling.
  • USA Today highlighted Chef Andy's website on their kids' science page!
  • Kraft's "JELL-O 100" page Yes, Chef Andy hates animated GIFs, but somehow, seeing a quivering jell-o mold on top of a marble pedestal almost makes them acceptable.
  • Lark-N-Mark's Virtual Jello, featuring Jell-O poetry, food, and art!
  • Tick Tock Toys gleefully displays classics of vintage packaging from the 50's through the 70's. If you're Chef Andy's age, now you can revisit your childhood friends Quisp, Quake, Funny Face, Libby the Kid ('That's Billy the Kid spelled sideways, sortof') frozen dinners, and other staples of the tyke foodstuff genre!
  • The Tiki News Website keeps you up-to-date (where "date" approximately equals 1957) with the latest rum drinks and weekly calendar listings for live lounge music from San Francisco to Cambridge.
  • Tiki Drinks and Cocktails will set the scene for your Laua or Tiki party
  • Archie McPhee is a wonderful supplier of kitch and tack. Click this way for pink flamingos, sparking Nunzilla, or drink monkeys!

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